August 20, 2023

Anniversary - Ten Years of paul + paul in Switzerland

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Ten Years of paul + paul AG in Switzerland: A Team Success Across Borders

When a company looks back on a decade of success, it’s often the people behind the scenes who have made each milestone possible. This year, paul + paul AG celebrates this exact milestone in Switzerland, and we want to take this opportunity to thank both our dedicated team and our loyal customers.

Under the prudent leadership of Stefan Kleine-Möllhoff, paul + paul AG in Switzerland has not only successfully held its ground in the market but has also established itself as a vital pillar within the overall network of paul + paul.

Even though national borders exist between Germany, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, they are almost invisible in our daily work. It is the harmonious interaction of developers, calculators, and job preparers from the headquarters in Germany and the specialists from the production site of paul + paul s.r.o in the Czech Republic that constitutes the strength of our network.

On the 10th anniversary, we want to highlight:

  • Teamwork Across Borders: Our culture of close and limitless collaboration has made geographical distances no barriers.
  • Customer Loyalty: An outstanding year 2022 not only reflects our commitment but also the trust our customers place in us.

Over these ten years, it was the perfect symbiosis of teamwork and customer loyalty that propelled us forward. Every success, every solved issue, and each innovation was the result of this strong partnership.
To the next decade full of innovations, team spirit, and successful projects!