Food Advent Calendars

Diversity in Shape and Taste

Whether with doors or individually designed folding boxes - our gourmet advent calendars offer the perfect stage for every delicacy. Take your customers on a delightful journey through your range every day.

Sustainability and Quality Hand in Hand

Thanks to our FSC and PEFC certification and the use of sustainable materials, we create advent calendars that convince both in taste and ecologically.

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Gourmet Advent Calendars by paul + paul

Culinary journeys in doors and folding boxes: Our Advent calendars masterfully showcase your gourmet products.

Inquire about Gourmet Advent Calendars

Two Formats, Countless Possibilities

Whether traditional doors or modern folding boxes: At paul + paul, you will find the right format to optimally present your gourmet products.

Printing Techniques for the Highest Standards

Our high-quality printing processes ensure brilliant colors and razor-sharp images that showcase your gourmet food in the best light.

Responsibility for Environment and Product

With our FSC and PEFC certified materials, we guarantee sustainable production while providing optimal protection for your delicacies.

Individual Solutions for Your Gourmet Food

Every delicacy is unique. That's why we develop advent calendars tailored precisely to your products and your target group.

Protection and Design in Harmony

Our advent calendars not only protect your gourmet food but also skillfully showcase it – for a thoroughly successful taste experience.

Comprehensive Consultation and Service

From the first idea to the finished product: Our team supports you at every step and ensures a result that delights.

Flexibility in Production and Design

Whether large or small runs, classic or innovative designs: We precisely implement your wishes and offer solutions for every need.

Sustainability as a Quality Feature

Our advent calendars stand not only for enjoyment but also for ecological responsibility. Show your customers that you care equally about quality and the environment.