Flip-Top Boxes

Reliable Packaging Solution

Flip-top boxes are a proven choice when it comes to securely and attractively packaging products. They are sturdy, easy to handle, and offer ample space for individual design possibilities.

Shape Your Impression

With various finishing options, you can ensure that your flip-top box leaves exactly the right impression, be it through a subtle logo or a striking design.

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Flip-Top Boxes by paul + paul

Securely packaged, attractively presented: Our flip-top boxes are the ideal choice for a variety of products.

Inquire about Flip-Top Boxes

Exactly what you need

Our hinged lid boxes are available in various sizes and shapes, ensuring you find the packaging that fits your product perfectly.

Sturdy construction

Thanks to their robust design, our boxes reliably protect the contents from external influences.

Customization made easy

From colors to prints to embossing: Design your box the way you envision it.

Eco-friendly production

With our certifications, we guarantee a production process that conserves resources and uses sustainable materials.

Easy to use

The folding mechanism is intuitive, allowing for uncomplicated opening and closing of the box.

Suitable for many applications

Whether for gifts, samples, or retail products – hinged lid boxes are versatile.

Space for information

The interior and exterior provide ample space for product information, instructions, or marketing messages.

A classic that convinces

Hinged lid boxes have been popular for years and impress with their functionality and appealing design.