Folding Boxes

Versatile Packaging Solution

Folding boxes are the answer to a variety of packaging requirements. They are lightweight, space-saving, and can be adapted to almost any product.

Your Design, Your Message

With a wide range of design options, you can ensure that your folding box not only protects but also effectively communicates your brand and message.

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Folding Boxes by paul + paul

The ideal packaging solution: Our folding boxes combine design, protection, and efficiency.

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Folding boxes can be individually adapted in size, shape, and design to perfectly match your product and brand.

Eco-friendly Option

Thanks to the use of sustainable materials and production methods, our folding boxes are an environmentally friendly packaging option.

Optimal Printing Results

The smooth surface of the folding boxes is ideal for high-quality prints, from simple logos to complex designs.

Efficient Storage

Delivered flat, folding boxes save valuable storage space and reduce transportation costs.

Quick Assembly

Thanks to their construction, folding boxes can be quickly and easily set up, accelerating the packaging process.

Diverse Finishing Options

From embossing to special coatings to window cut-outs - use our finishing options to make your folding box even more appealing.

Additional Protection

With inserts or special coatings, folding boxes can offer additional protection for sensitive products.

Economical Choice

Due to their efficient production and low material consumption, folding boxes are often a cost-effective packaging solution.