Slide Boxes

Practical handling

Slider boxes are known for their easy handling. With a gentle pull, the contents are revealed, making them especially suitable for products that are frequently handled.

Individuality in design

Each slider box offers a surface that can be individually designed. Whether with your company logo, a special design, or important information – we implement your ideas.

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Slide Boxes by paul + paul

Present your product in style and safety: Our slide boxes combine design and functionality.

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Versatile applications

Slider boxes are not only ideal for jewelry or small accessories. They are also perfect for technical products, cosmetics, or as packaging for special promotional gifts.

Stability and protection

Due to their construction, slider boxes offer reliable protection for the contents. The inner drawer is usually surrounded by an outer shell, providing additional stability.

Easy handling

The sliding principle allows quick access to the contents while being secure enough to prevent unintentional opening.

Eco-friendly materials

In line with our certifications, we focus on sustainable materials and production methods to minimize the ecological footprint of our slider boxes.

Optimal surface for branding

The flat surface of the slider boxes is ideal for prints, embossing, or other finishing techniques to optimally present your brand or message.

Customizable sizes

Depending on the requirements, we can produce slider boxes in various sizes to perfectly fit your product.

Innovative design options

In addition to classic designs, we also offer innovative solutions, such as window cut-outs that allow a view of the contents, or special closures for additional security.

Longevity and quality

Our slider boxes are designed to retain their shape even with frequent use and reliably protect the contents.