Slipcase Boxes

Precision in shape and material

Slipcase boxes are not just packaging, but a statement. They are ideal for high-quality products, from cosmetics to jewelry to exclusive gifts. Whether frames with hollow walls, rolled cardboard, or paper-covered gray boards - at paul + paul, we combine these techniques as needed to provide the perfect stage for your products.

Individual solutions for every product

Each slipcase box is individually designed according to your wishes and requirements. This results in packaging that not only protects but also impresses and emphasizes the value of the contents.

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Slipcase Boxes by paul + paul

Packaging art at its finest: Our slipcase boxes combine design, protection, and functionality for an impressive product presentation.

Inquire about Your Slipcase Box

Variety in construction and design

From frames with hollow walls, rolled cardboard solutions to paper-covered gray boards: Our slipcase boxes offer a variety of options to optimally present your products.

Ideal for high-quality products

Slipcase boxes are particularly suitable for products that deserve exclusive packaging, such as perfumes, watches, or special stationery.

Sustainable production

With our FSC and PEFC certification, we focus on sustainable materials and production processes that are not only environmentally friendly but also of high quality.

Individual adjustments

Each slipcase box is designed according to your wishes and requirements. This results in tailor-made packaging solutions that impress.

Consultation and service

From the first idea to the finished product: Our team supports you at every step and ensures a result that convinces.

Flexibility in design and production

Whether large or small runs, classic or innovative designs: We implement your wishes precisely and offer solutions for every need.

Optimal product presentation

Our slipcase boxes are not only functional but also aesthetic. They perfectly showcase your products and leave a lasting impression.

Quality and sustainability hand in hand

Our slipcase boxes stand for the highest quality and sustainable production. Show your customers that both are close to your heart.