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Shelf talker with product feed

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Our shelf talker with product feed is the ideal solution for customers looking for an effective way to present their products at the point of sale. Compared to other shelf displays, our product stands out for its innovative product feed, which enables the products to move forward automatically as soon as they are sold. In this way, the display always remains full and attractive for potential customers. The shelf displays are made by our high-quality printing and precise punching and are able to present a variety of products. The display is easy to set up and adjust, making it suitable for a variety of industries and sales environments. Our shelf edge labels are made of high-quality materials and designed with sustainability in mind. We are proud to offer a product that is not only functional, but also environmentally friendly. The shelf-edge label with product feed is an ideal tool to push your products to the fore and increase your sales numbers. We are thrilled to manufacture such a product.
Printing and Stamping technique, Innovative product feed, Easy assembly and adjustment, High-quality materials, Sustainability
Format352 x 381 x 50 mm
Reference NrN° 210952
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