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Folding game DIN long

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The folding game DIN long is an effective folding card, which is ideal for letter mailings. Held in landscape format DIN long, the folding game offers endless folding with many messages. This unique and original card is perfect for companies who want to address their customers in an unusual and creative way. The folding game is an excellent choice for direct mail campaigns, to capture the attention of the recipients and convey their message in a memorable way. Each folding game is produced individually according to customer requirements, with various finishing techniques such as embossing, varnishing and foil refining possible. The material can also be adapted individually to meet the customer's requirements.
Landscape format DIN long, Endless folding with many messages, Ideal for letter shipping, Individually manufactured according to customer's request, Various finishing techniques possible, Flexible adjustment of the material
Formatx x mm
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