Pop-Up Cards

An Experience in 3D

Pop-up cards offer an impressive three-dimensional display that comes to life when opened. At paul + paul, we combine creative design with precise craftsmanship to create unique cards that put your message at the forefront.

Surprise Effect Guaranteed

The sudden spatial unfolding of the card captivates and delights the viewer. Whether as an invitation, greeting card, or promotional material – with our pop-up cards, you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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Pop-Up Cards by paul + paul

Bring your message to life: Surprising 3D effects that delight and remain memorable.

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Three-Dimensional Display

Our pop-up cards offer a fascinating 3D presentation that uniquely highlights your message and astonishes the recipient.

Custom Design

Each card is designed according to your ideas and needs. We transform your concepts into impressive 3D artworks.

High-Quality Materials

The quality and durability of our cards are ensured by using the best materials. This ensures lasting enjoyment of the product.

Versatile Applications

Pop-up cards are suitable for numerous occasions: from events to product presentations to special greetings.

Sustainable Production

At paul + paul, we value environmentally friendly production methods and materials to contribute to environmental protection.

Optimized for Shipping

Our pop-up cards are designed to be easily mailed without losing their impressive effect.

Full Service

From the initial draft to the finished product – we support you every step of the way and ensure a smooth implementation.

Unique Surprise Effect

The sudden 3D effect when opening the card creates excitement and makes your message unforgettable.