Slide Cards

Interaction Creates Memory

Slider cards are more than just a print product. They invite discovery and create lasting memories through their interactive mechanics. At paul + paul, we focus on high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship to effectively and stylishly present your message.

An Experience in the Recipient's Hand

The tactile experience, combined with visual appeal, makes slider cards a powerful marketing tool. Whether as an invitation, promotional material, or information card – we help you reach your target audience in innovative ways.

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Slide Cards by paul + paul

Interaction that excites: Discover slide cards that set your message in motion and create lasting moments.

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Interactive Design

Slider cards offer a unique interaction through their mechanics. Pull, slide, discover – every touch intensifies the connection to the message.

Versatile Applications

From event invitation tools to product launches – slider cards are versatile and always leave a lasting impression.

High-Quality Materials

We only use the best materials to ensure that every slider card not only looks good but also feels premium.

Custom Design

Each slider card is designed according to your wishes and requirements. Colors, shapes, sizes – everything is possible.

Effective Brand Communication

Utilize the power of tactile communication to imprint your brand into the memory of your target audience.

Sustainable Production

At paul + paul, we focus on environmentally friendly production methods and materials to minimize our ecological footprint.

Full Service

From the initial idea to the finished product – we accompany you through the entire process and ensure smooth handling.

Optimized for Shipping

Our slider cards are designed to be easily mailed without compromising on quality or impact.