Playful Interaction

Rotary discs invite spinning and discovery. At paul + paul, we develop custom designs that innovatively combine information and interaction, making your message tangible.

Communication with Added Value

With their movable elements, rotary discs offer genuine added value. They allow for the presentation of complex content in an appealing and understandable manner, ensuring lasting attention.

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Spinners by paul + paul

Experience the fascinating world of spinners at paul + paul. Interactive designs that playfully present complex content and ensure lasting enthusiasm.

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Interactive Elements

Rotary discs, with their movable parts, offer playful interaction, actively involving the viewer in communication and ensuring heightened attention.

Versatile Applications

Whether as promotional material, information card, or learning aid – rotary discs are versatile and provide the right solution for every occasion.

Simplifying Complex Content

The rotating elements allow for a step-by-step presentation of complex information, making it more understandable and tangible.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

At paul + paul, we prioritize top-quality materials and precise craftsmanship to ensure longevity and optimal functionality.

Custom Design

Each rotary disc is designed according to your wishes and requirements to optimally convey your message.

Sustainable Production

We value environmentally friendly production methods and materials, contributing to environmental protection.

Optimized for Shipping

Our rotary discs are designed to be easily shipped by mail without losing their impressive impact.

Unique Communication

With rotary discs, you create an interactive experience that captivates your target group and conveys your message sustainably.