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Rotary disc 3 pcs. with DIN A4 cut

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The rotary disc 3 pcs. with DIN A4 cut is a great product from the category of effect cards and the subcategory of rotary discs. The rotary disc is manufactured by high-quality printing and precise punching and is equipped with eyelets. 2 Superdots are attached to the A4 sheet. The rotary disc is a great visual aid that can be used for different purposes. It is perfect for use as an interactive promotional material or training material. The rotary disc is easy to handle and can be individually printed. With the rotary disc 3 pcs. with DIN A4 cut, you have an excellent product in your hand that helps you communicate your message in an innovative way.
High-quality printing, Precise punching, Equipped with eyelets, 2 Superdots attached to A4 sheet, Interactive promotional material or training material, Easy to handle, Can be individually printed
Format210 x 297 x 3 mm
Reference NrN° 221447
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