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Flip-top box for ampoules

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Our flip-top box for ampoules is the perfect packaging solution for cosmetics products. The box can be personalized with various printing techniques, including hot foil stamping and embossing, and accommodates 5 ampoules. The opening of the box is facilitated by a lifting function, making it easier to remove the ampoules. The box is provided with perforated adhesive dots and packed in a folding carton of 6. Our flip-top box for ampoules is a high-quality and sustainable packaging solution that is perfect for use in the cosmetics industry.
Printing technique: hot foil stamping and embossing, processing: cutting, folding box gluing and erecting, material: cardboard, packaging unit: xxx pieces, special features: lifting function when opening for easy removal
Format132 x 85 x 2 mm
Reference NrN° 180553
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