Floor Stands

A Statement on the Floor

Floor stands are effective tools for drawing attention in business environments. With the floor stands from paul + paul, you create visual anchor points that attract customers and highlight your message or brand.

Flexible and Eye-catching

Our floor stands are designed to seamlessly integrate into various environments while achieving maximum visibility and impact.

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Floor Stands by paul + paul

Put your advertising in the spotlight: Our floor stands are strong in design and ensure that your message is not overlooked.

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Strategic Placement

Floor stands optimally utilize space and offer an excellent opportunity to reach customers right where they move. They are ideal for highlighting products, offers, or brand messages.

Durable and Robust Materials

Made from high-quality materials, our floor stands ensure a long lifespan and can easily withstand the daily demands of business environments.

Customizable Design Options

Every brand and product is unique. Our floor stands are individually designed according to your wishes and requirements, ensuring they perfectly match your branding and message.

Responsible and Sustainable Production

With our ISO, FSC, and PEFC certifications, we set a clear sign for quality and sustainability in production.

Versatile Applications

From product presentations to seasonal promotions to special events – our floor stands are versatile and adapt to any marketing strategy.

Consultation and Planning

Our experienced team accompanies you from conception to implementation, creating the perfect floor stand for your needs.

Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of deadlines and guarantee timely and reliable delivery of your floor stands.

Innovation and Trends

The advertising world is constantly evolving. We always stay up-to-date to offer you modern and effective floor stand solutions.