March 21, 2023

paul + paul GmbH - Climate Neutral Company

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paul + paul GmbH, in collaboration with ClimatePartner, has calculated the company’s CO₂ footprint: the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). The CCF is the sum of CO₂ emissions that the company has caused within a specified period within defined system boundaries. The calculation was based on the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (GHG Protocol).

CCF – The Basis for Climate Protection

Calculate, reduce, offset – this is crucial for climate protection in the spirit of the Paris Agreement.
The foundation for concrete action in climate protection is therefore calculation: Those who know their carbon footprint are aware of where CO₂ emissions occur and how high they are. At paul + paul GmbH, the resulting emissions are offset, making our company climate neutral.

At the same time, the carbon footprint enables the identification of avoidance and reduction potentials, setting reduction targets, and developing and implementing corresponding measures. In subsequent years, the report can be used to check whether the set targets have been achieved, in which areas progress has been made, and where emissions should be reduced even further.

What is meant by a climate-neutral company?

Companies, processes, and products are climate-neutral when their CO2 emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting internationally recognized climate protection projects. In addition to avoidance and reduction, offsetting CO2 emissions is an important step in holistic climate protection. Greenhouse gases such as CO2 are distributed evenly in the atmosphere, so the greenhouse gas concentration is roughly the same everywhere on Earth. Therefore, for the global greenhouse gas concentration and the greenhouse effect, it doesn’t matter where on Earth emissions are caused or avoided. Emissions that cannot be avoided locally can thus be offset through climate protection projects elsewhere.

paul + paul GmbH supports the climate project: Clean Drinking Water in Kono, Sierra Leone

Our climate protection project supports the communities in the Kono region in reactivating 57 wells. In collaboration with the local population, damaged boreholes are repaired and regularly maintained, securing the regional drinking water supply. With the availability of clean drinking water, the need to boil water becomes redundant, thus saving an average of 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.