Advent Calendars with Folding Boxes

Innovation and Individuality at the Forefront

At paul + paul, the development of tailor-made constructions is at the heart of our work. Our advent calendars with folding boxes are the result of precise craftsmanship and creative engineering. Each calendar is individually designed according to the requirements and wishes of our customers.

Perfection Down to the Smallest Detail

From the construction of the frame to the size and shape of the folding boxes – we strive to create a product that convinces in quality and design and makes every day in Advent a special experience.

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Advent Calendars with Folding Boxes by paul + paul

Precision meets creativity: Our Advent calendars with folding boxes offer a tailor-made experience every day.

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Individual Construction Artistry

Our specialty lies in the development of unique constructions tailored precisely to the needs and visions of our customers.

Custom-made Folding Boxes

Each folding box is individually adapted to the size and shape of your product to ensure a perfect fit and presentation.

High-Quality Materials

We rely on top-quality materials that are not only visually appealing but also reliably protect the content.

Diverse Design Possibilities

From festive motifs to company-specific designs – we implement your creative ideas and ensure that your advent calendar becomes a real highlight.

Eco-friendly Production

Thanks to our certifications, we focus on sustainable production methods and materials.

Versatile Applications

Whether as a promotional gift, for employees, or for sale – our advent calendars with folding boxes are suitable for various target groups and occasions.

Integration of Your Products

Thanks to our precise manufacturing of the folding boxes, we can perfectly integrate your products into the calendar, creating an individual experience.

Longevity and Quality

Through our expertise and the use of high-quality materials, we guarantee advent calendars that convince in quality and design.