Cosmetic Advent Calendars

Unique Presentation for Your Cosmetic Products

The festive season offers a special opportunity to highlight your cosmetic products. Our cosmetic advent calendars with exquisite folding boxes not only offer a daily beauty surprise but also a high-quality presentation of your products. At paul + paul, we value design and quality to ensure that your cosmetic advent calendar optimally represents your brand.

Every Folding Box, a New Beauty Experience

Behind each box is a new beauty product, carefully packaged and ready to delight your customers. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we create advent calendars that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also embody the promise of your brand.

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Cosmetic Advent Calendars by paul + paul

24 days full of beauty discoveries. Our custom cosmetic Advent calendars with elegant folding boxes perfectly showcase your products.

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Folding Box Precision

Each folding box is developed with a focus on the specific requirements of cosmetic products. This not only ensures safe storage but also an optimal presentation that emphasizes the value of your product.

Material & Durability

We rely on robust materials that meet the special requirements of cosmetic products. This ensures a long lifespan and effectively protects the content.

Your Branding in Focus

The advent calendar is not just a carrier for products but also for your brand. We seamlessly integrate your branding to ensure consistency and recognition value.

Responsible Production

We focus on environmentally friendly production methods and materials to keep the ecological footprint of your advent calendar as low as possible.

Collaborative Planning

Our team works closely with you to ensure that every step, from conception to delivery, meets your requirements.

Industry Knowledge

We are always informed about current trends and developments in the cosmetics industry to offer you relevant and contemporary solutions.

On-time Delivery

In the business world, every second counts. We guarantee timely production and delivery to ensure your marketing plan is implemented smoothly.

Feedback & Optimization

Your opinion is important to us. We are always open to feedback and use it to continuously improve our processes and products.