Floor Displays

Floor Displays - A Statement in the Sales Area

Our floor displays are not just large in size, but also in impact. They serve as powerful visual anchor points that attract customers from a distance and draw them closer. At paul + paul, we focus on design and functionality to ensure that your products not only stand out but also remain memorable.

Maximum Presence, Maximum Impact

A well-placed floor display can direct traffic, enhance the shopping experience, and boost sales. With our expertise, we ensure that every display is optimally positioned and fully realizes its impact.

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Floor Displays by paul + paul

Dominate the space and let your product shine. Our floor displays capture attention and guide customers directly to your offer.

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Applications of Floor Displays

Large-scale displays, ideal for main traffic areas, entrance zones, and special sales promotions. They are perfect for highlighting seasonal offers, new products, or bestsellers.

Manufacturer of Floor Displays

At paul + paul, we combine years of experience with innovative design to create floor displays that impress in every way.

Sustainability of Floor Displays

Large in format, but responsible in production. Our floor displays are environmentally friendly and sustainable, without compromising on quality or design.

Additional Services for Floor Displays

From conception to installation – we offer a comprehensive service that ensures your display is perfect at every stage.

Materials Used for Floor Displays

Sturdy, durable, yet lightweight materials ensure our floor displays withstand the demands of retail while being easy to transport and set up.

Finishes for Floor Displays

Enhance the "wow" factor with special finishes that set your display apart from the crowd.

Printing of Floor Displays

High-resolution printing, vibrant colors, and clear details ensure your product and brand are presented in the best light.