Unique Designs

Standard is a thing of the past. At paul + paul, we focus on individual folder designs that stand out from the crowd and optimally present your content.

Effective Elements

By using effect elements, we create folders that convince not only visually but also haptically, providing a thoroughly impressive experience.

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Folders by paul + paul

Individual, impactful, impressive: Folders that spotlight your content.

Inquire about Folders

Individual Design

Each folder is designed according to your wishes and requirements to optimally convey your message and content.

Effective Highlights

With movable and haptic elements, we give your folders that special touch and ensure lasting attention.

High-Quality Materials

We rely on the best materials and precise processing to ensure a long lifespan and optimal functionality.

Versatile Applications

Our folders are suitable for a variety of applications, from presentation to storage.

Sustainable Production

Environmentally friendly production methods and materials are important to us to make our contribution to environmental protection.

Optimized for Shipping

Our folders are designed to be easily sent by mail without losing their impressive effect.

Unique Communication

With individually designed folders, you create an experience that captivates your target group and sustainably conveys your message.

Optimal Presentation

Our folders offer the perfect framework to professionally and convincingly present your content.