April 28, 2023

WASTECARE™ by AIZOME: Revolutionary Skincare and Sustainable Packaging by paul + paul

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The Japanese-German textile startup AIZOME and Serviceplan Innovation unveil WASTECARE™, a groundbreaking skincare product derived from the wastewater of their textile dyeing process.

Teaming up with reputable design and production firms Druckerei Vogl, paul + paul, Aldesign, and Demo DesignModellbau, an innovative packaging has been created that allows an intimate unboxing experience while blending aesthetics and practicality.

The packaging of WASTECARE™, emanating from AIZOME’s eco-friendly dyeing process, embodies the company’s commitment to sustainability, being entirely recyclable and designed for shipment without external protection. Each unboxing step immerses the user into AIZOME’s narrative through data visualization, fabric, and eventually, the facial serum.

paul + paul significantly contributed to the development and production of this innovative packaging, enhancing WASTECARE™ not only as a skincare product but also as an ambassador for sustainable and healthy textile production. With WASTECARE™, AIZOME compellingly showcases the transformation of industrial waste into a premium skincare product through creative thinking and innovative design.

paul + paul extends heartfelt gratitude to AIZOME and Serviceplan Innovation for their trust, honored to partake in this futuristic project, looking forward to future joint innovations.


Video WASTECARE™: Revolutionierung der Textilindustrie durch Nachhaltigkeit und Innovation

Video WASTECARE™ Packaging: Revolutionäre Hautpflege in nachhaltiger Verpackung von AIZOME und paul + paul


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